ETD Standard Format - Formatting Guidelines

Thesis/ Dissertation Content

Formatting Guidelines

Front Matter

Title page

  • Use the template provided on the ETD website and substitute your information
  • Use base 14 fonts like Times, Courier or Helvetica. Use consistent fonts
  • When including committee information, don’t add titles and educational qualifications of the committee members. For example, Dr. Jane Doe, PhD. is not acceptable.
  • Do not insert page number on this page.

Abstract (academic)

  • Refer to the template provided on the ETD website.
  • The academic abstract can be a maximum of 250 words for a Masters thesis and 350 words for dissertations.
  • Do not insert page number on this page.

Abstract (general audience)

  • Written in a non-specialist language with the aim of sharing the value, importance and broad impact of the research with the general public.
  • This abstract will be made available electronically to the general public.
  • Do not insert page number on this page.

Dedication (optional)
Acknowledgements (optional)

Table of contents
List of figures (optional)
List of tables (optional)
List of abbreviations (optional)
Nomenclature (optional)

  • Start displaying numbering from the page right after the abstract page.
  • Use small case roman numerals for numbering pages in the front matter section of your thesis/ dissertation.
  • The page numbers start from (iv) in the front matter section.
Body of your thesis/ dissertation

Divide your thesis/ dissertation into chapters. Usually, the chapters are organized in a logical manner which may include the following titles:

Literature Review

  • Use Arabic numerals for the body and back matter of your thesis/ dissertation.
  • The first page of Chapter 1 of your thesis/ dissertation will be numbered (1).
  • Use consistent fonts (true type) and styles.
  • Follow your department guidelines if any regarding the styles to be used.
  • Consistently identify the sources of images, figures and tables i.e. provide captions and attributions
  • Place captions and attributions consistently above or below the figures, images and tables.
  • Numbering should be sequential and consistent.
  • Margin settings: 1 inch on all sides and on all pages
Back matter


  • Follow your department guidelines for citations.
  • When formatting the appendix, place the word "Appendix", the appendix letter or letters, and the appendix title in large type at the beginning of each appendix.
  • Appendices are enumerated alphabetically from A to Z, then AA, AB, and so on to ZZ, then AAA, AAB, etc.
  • You may include the source code or output of computer programs as an enumerated appendix. Place figure references with PDF links to multimedia objects here also.
  • Vita/Resume — Do not include.

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