Graduate School ETD Guidelines

More current information from the VT Graduate School and the Libraries is available in the ETD LibGuide.

Degree Requirements

Students submitting theses and dissertations, and similar works (e.g., master's papers and reports), must do so electronically. The ETD requirement is not considered satisfied until it has been approved by the Graduate School.

Open Access

All theses and dissertations produced to meet Virginia Tech degree requirements should be subject to an open defense and open publication (including ETD submission), and capable of standing as academically-complete works. [Graduate School Policies]

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ETD Styles

1. Standard Format
Most theses and dissertations have followed the same format for decades and is the one your committee members used and the one with which they are the most familiar. See also the Standard Formatting Guidelines Table and the Graduate School's ETD Formatting Guidelines.

2. Manuscript Format
In addition to the standard or traditional format for dissertations and theses, the Virginia Tech Graduate School  accepts an alternative, manuscript, format. The Manuscript ETD Format allows the incorporation of your articles, book chapters, and the like to replace some of the standard chapters. Prior publication of the manuscript(s) is not a requirement for using this format.

The following guidelines apply:

3. What the Graduate School looks for when reviewing ETDs

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