Develop your ETD

More current information from the VT Graduate School and the Libraries is available in the ETD LibGuide.

Style Formatting Requirements

  1. Standard ETD Format
  2. Manuscript ETD Format allows the use of articles, book chapters, and the like to replace some of the standard dissertation/thesis chapters. Prior publication of the manuscript(s) is not a requirement for using this format.

Citation Examples and Copyright Information
Referencing others works in your ETD and copyright declarations

File Formats

  1. Required File Formats
    Your ETD must consist of at least one file in PDF/A-1b (archival) format. To request an exception, contact the Dean of the Graduate School well in advance of submitting your ETD. If you receive permission, you may submit multiple files. But, the first page of each file must be your ETD title page. (See also file naming as part of the Submission Process.)
  2. Additional File Formats
    If the Dean of the Graduate School grants an exception, in addition to the PDF/A-1b file, students may submit other formats. But each file must contain the ETD title page information.

Templates for front matter

  1. Title page and abstract template for unanimous approval
  2. If one or more of your committee members do not approve your work, use this title page template for split approval


Examples of ETDs that have appropriately used copyrighted works

Preparing your VT ETD - Handout


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